Monday, March 30, 2015

3d model Snowman - update

The Snowman 3D model has been updated and put onto Turbosquid.

Textures have been baked from inside modo so they can be used in other apps too. The results in other apps are usually little bit different. It is especially difficult to get that small glittering effect on the snow which in modo works quite good.

3D model Stone Bench Set - 2 3d models

Here are two stone benches I modeled in modo and 3ds max.
The models itself are simple with low poly count. You can however use subdivision to smooth them if using closeup renders. The set is on sale on turbosquid. I set up materials and textures for 3ds max vray, c4d and lightwave. This is actually a type of benches I saw on the Hvar isalnd in Croatia in the town Stari Grad. Here are actually the photos:
You can see that I changed the yellowish "dirt" into more greenish dirt, it somehow looked better.